The customer loyalty programme has grown over recent decades as technology has made them more practical to implement. These schemes can now be found throughout consumer markets.

Our latest research shows that around two-thirds of consumers engaging in one or more schemes, with many participating in multiple schemes. The number of cards in circulation is estimated to be in excess of 50 million.

Attitudes toward loyalty card schemes are generally positive and show a strong relationship to scheme behaviour (card ownership and usage). Consumers can be segmented attitudinally; around a third of all adults show a high disposition toward loyalty schemes. 

There is some evidence of demographic differences between attitudinal segments. Those with the highest orientation toward loyalty schemes are more likely to be: female, from younger age groups, and from higher socioeconomic groups.

Participation in loyalty schemes and attitudinal segmentation are reviewed in light of this new research. You can check out the report in our public opinion section – just follow the links listed for ‘Loyalty cards’.