The ever increasing popularity of Halloween in the UK means that this year more people will be taking part in Halloween-related activities than activities linked to Bonfire night - 70% Halloween, 61% Bonfire Night.

A third of all UK adults are expected to be carving a pumpkin, while a quarter will attend a fancy dress Halloween party and a similar proportion will be watching a scary movie as part of their Halloween festivities. To show the diversity of the Halloween market, around one in ten pet owners will be dressing their pet in a costume this Halloween.

It’s no surprise that the majority (90%) of those with children were found to participate in Halloween; however, to show the universal appeal of Halloween, just under two-thirds of those without children will also be found to celebrate Halloween.

Young people are more focused on Halloween parties and watching scary movies, while those aged 35-54 years old took part in activities more family focused - such as buying candy for Halloween or taking the children trick-or-treating.