Who wouldn't vote for an endless summer? Sadly, we're only talking about people's opinions on putting the clocks back.
Tampering with the clocks has been a British obsession for years. It was back in 1908 that the first Daylight Saving Bill was brought before Parliament and collectively we’ve had plenty of opportunities ever since to indulge in that other great British pastime: moaning.
The amount of hot air expended in Parliament each year on the subject would keep the Montgolfier brothers happily aloft for years, but what do we, the British public think? Nearly half of us don’t agree with changing the clocks and only a third think we should continue mucking about with time. That leaves a whopping 21% who decisively told us they weren’t sure.
Unusually the only split we could find in the demographics was quite a clear (Ed, Nick and David take note) ABC1 majority in favour of changing the clocks whilst C2DEs came out against.
Of those who like losing an hour in October 48% prefer keeping things as they are and only 5% believe the government line that it makes a difference to road safety. Of the radicals who’d prefer not to lose an hour 40% don’t have a clue what they’d do with an extra hour of winter evening daylight. Although 16% said they’d sit in the garden on a balmy British winter’s evening!
Source: NEMS telephone omnibus, September 2013 – representative sample of 500 GB adults.