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  Can you remember the days of the 30-second advert on TV? They polarized behaviour, on the one hand some had on-going story lines that attracted a following (perhaps more so than the underlying TV programme…) such as OXO (& its family) and Nescafe Gold Blend (romance & borrow... [More]

    We’ve all seen the eye-catching promotions on the shelf-edge in the supermarkets. Buy one get one free! Well, it would be rude not too, it’s almost too good to be true especially with all this inflationary talk. However, in the next aisle your favourite product has been... [More]

The customer loyalty programme has grown over recent decades as technology has made them more practical to implement. These schemes can now be found throughout consumer markets. Our latest research shows that around two-thirds of consumers engaging in one or more schemes, with many participating in... [More]

From our research, more than half the adult population are using social media. Within this headline figure there are noticeable differences. For a start 40% of those aged 65+ are not even able to access to the internet so social media blows this demographic into the long grass. Among social media u... [More]

Is social media living up to all the hype, or is it leaving the public with a nasty over processed after-taste? NEMS provides some clues.

With just under 4 million members, the National Trust is a familiar name that has a long history. The National Trust brand is synonymous with heritage and quality and offers potential for development through extension into other product areas. This is being done through a Partner Product scheme. But... [More]

32 million eggs are consumed in the UK every day (source: British Red Lion), resulting in an industry worth an estimated £885 million in retail sales - of which production is almost equally split between free range and caged hens. Yet, with such parity around the environment from which eggs a... [More]

Here at NEMS, we recently commissioned a study (among 591 alcohol drinkers across Great Britain) into what builds alcohol brand loyalty, in addition to how open they are to switching brands; the main aim being to give insight for both drinks producers and marketing agencies into the attitudes alcohol drinkers have towards brand loyalty.

This blog is a prelude to an upcoming report detailing the findings from this study.

Nudging behavioural change can be achieved through a number of methods: information provision; changes to the physical environment; changing the default options and application of social norms. The recent Lords Select Committee report concluded that there has been mixed success in real applicat... [More]

Since 28th February 2011, product placement on TV programmes made for UK audiences has been allowed on TV. For those not already in the know, product placement, according to Ofcom[1] is ‘when a company pays a TV channel or a programme-maker to include its products or brands in a programme. For... [More]

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