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Mmmm, you can’t beat a bit of bacon We clearly love our fresh meat; in fact, according to our research nearly nine out of ten of us eat fresh meat at least once a week. Recently there was a new scientific claim that eating processed meat such as bacon could increase the risk of developing ca... [More]

No, not more rigging of emissions testing, or spontaneous combustion, but reactions to the latest smoking ban. VW’s and Vauxhall’s efforts to stop their cars smoking so much aside, October marked another nail in the nation’s smokers’ coffin. If you’re reading this with... [More]

The credit crunch at the end of 2007 was the starting point of a financial meltdown in mid 2008, which later became a global recession; and now some financial experts are warning that we are heading into a "dangerous phase" and on the brink of a "double dip" recession. Since January 2002 NEMS ma... [More]

Health ministers, healthcare professionals and cancer charities are all in agreement about the importance of symptom awareness - especially when it comes to bowel cancer; yet separate studies (carried out by ourselves and Cancer Research UK) have found awareness to be "stubbornly low". In light o... [More]

The vastness that is the organisation of the NHS inevitably leads to great specialisation, presenting major challenges to co-ordinate effort. I was pleased to see moves to bring together thinking and understanding in at least two key lifestyle health areas; those of alcohol consumption and tobacco. ... [More]

Nudging behavioural change can be achieved through a number of methods: information provision; changes to the physical environment; changing the default options and application of social norms. The recent Lords Select Committee report concluded that there has been mixed success in real applicat... [More]

The emphasis of the Government is towards the 'nudge', persuading rather than telling people to change their behaviour. A report published by the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee in July 2011 concludes that nudge alone is less likely to work. This points the way towards a broad... [More]

The rate of obesity in children has risen in the last 15 years, with just under one in five children across England being classified as obese1 - a trait that is thought to carry on into adulthood. There are numerous factors2 to consider when thinking about the causes of obesity, ranging from a pers... [More]

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