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The customer loyalty programme has grown over recent decades as technology has made them more practical to implement. These schemes can now be found throughout consumer markets. Our latest research shows that around two-thirds of consumers engaging in one or more schemes, with many participating in... [More]

As part of NEMS ongoing development programme, a study into the use of multiple stores for household’s main food and grocery shopping trips was undertaken. This was specifically to quantify the prevalence of supplementation and substitution. The expansion of consumer choice has led to over ha... [More]

With just under 4 million members, the National Trust is a familiar name that has a long history. The National Trust brand is synonymous with heritage and quality and offers potential for development through extension into other product areas. This is being done through a Partner Product scheme. But... [More]

One of the biggest impacts on our TV viewing habits is the emergence of video-on-demand (VOD) services, opening up viewing options for both how and when we consume our content. This is a selection of topline results from our latest snap-shot of the market. 4 out of 10 now choose to watch VOD servic... [More]

A recent inquiry prompted me to take a closer look at the General Lifestyle Survey, something I have not done for some time. This raised a number of issues regarding this widely used data source and also the wider implications of a topic that I rarely see addressed in the day-to-day application of r... [More]

The vastness that is the organisation of the NHS inevitably leads to great specialisation, presenting major challenges to co-ordinate effort. I was pleased to see moves to bring together thinking and understanding in at least two key lifestyle health areas; those of alcohol consumption and tobacco. ... [More]

Nudging behavioural change can be achieved through a number of methods: information provision; changes to the physical environment; changing the default options and application of social norms. The recent Lords Select Committee report concluded that there has been mixed success in real applicat... [More]

The emphasis of the Government is towards the 'nudge', persuading rather than telling people to change their behaviour. A report published by the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee in July 2011 concludes that nudge alone is less likely to work. This points the way towards a broad... [More]

  In the Editorial column of the May 2011 issue of Research magazine, Editor Brian Tarran summarised that research buyers are expecting more from their market research agencies than they have done in the past, fuelled by concern over a perceived “competitive equilibrium” they have ... [More]

We are all only too well aware of the difficulties in the economy that continue to create a challenging environment and our latest tracking results suggest that on-going pressure on charitable donations has taken another turn for the worse in the first half of 2011. With 42% of the population indic... [More]

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