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According to our research, as a nation almost all of us recycle to some extent nowadays. We do so because we think it’s environmentally friendly, it saves landfill and makes best use of the earth’s finite resources.  Our survey found that we would recycle more but we are confused. ... [More]

Mmmm, you can’t beat a bit of bacon We clearly love our fresh meat; in fact, according to our research nearly nine out of ten of us eat fresh meat at least once a week. Recently there was a new scientific claim that eating processed meat such as bacon could increase the risk of developing ca... [More]

Although the pub is British institution there is still a sizeable minority who never cross the threshold of a hostelry, in fact 30% of men and 50% of women don’t drink in pubs. Of the 60% of adults who do frequent the pub, more than a third do so once a week or more often and it seems that al... [More]

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